Company Policies

Privacy Policy

We do not have access to your financial information, nor do we want to. The secure screen on which you log into your PayPal account or enter your credit card information is property of, and securely transmits directly to, our payment processor, 2Checkout Inc. We do not give your contact information to anyone other than the payment processor for billing purposes and the postal service for shipping.

Return Policy

Our products are custom made to order. We list thousands of models that we can produce at any given time and you are paying for our materials, time and labor to produce the product. Once that material, time and labor has been expended, it cannot be undone. And because we produce so many different models, it is not likely that we will get an order for the model you ordered for years to come, if ever, and we do not keep an inventory. Therefore, we do not accept returns. However, though it is a rare occurrence, if we make a mistake on your order we will produce and ship you the correct model at our expense.