• Made in USA, by musicians for musicians
  • Tough 600 denier PVC-backed Polyester
  • Completely dust and waterproof material
  • Extremely resistant to scuffs and scrapes
  • Much better than Nylon or ordinary Vinyl
  • Twice the quality of amp manufacturer covers
Amp Cover Duo
Amp Cover
Amp Cover Trio
Speaker Cover
  • Custom made to fit like a glove
  • Shaped to fit angled fronts, control panels, etc
  • Proper handle openings for each model
  • Strong 1/4' machine-sewn inseams
  • Crisp, straight outside edges & corners
  • Embroidered make & model on every cover
Embroidered Label
Cover Inside
Cover Top
Cover Wilson
  • Interior surface is waterproof PVC Vinyl
  • Openings are lined and machine-stitched
  • Keeps cats from clawing your grill cloth
  • Currently available in Black and Tan
  • Prices based solely on size and complexity
  • Over 1,600 models currently listed